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Stage 6 phonic dictation
Stage 6 phonic dictation

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Learning to apply phonic knowledge to writing tasks.

  • The program develops the ability to transfer phonic and spelling skills into extended reading and written tasks.
  • Short presentation formats outline dictation only.
  • Extended formats provide reading, editing and writing tasks.

This program incorporates a focus on:

  • Revision of stage 5 phonic concepts.
  • Syllabic spelling strategy applied to stage 6 phonic concepts.
  • Prefix and suffix spelling concepts.
  • Instruction manual

This publication is mentioned within the ‘Whole School Literacy Strategy’ booklet on pages 23.

  • Full Set: Phonic Dictation
    Full Set: Phonic Dictation

    The increasingly complex dictation passages with embedded phonic concepts can be read, edited, copied and finally presented in the form of dictation tasks.

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