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Learning to apply phonic knowledge to extended writing tasks.

  • The program develops the ability to transfer phonic and spelling skills into extended reading and written tasks.
  • Short presentation formats outline dictation only.
  • Extended formats provide reading, editing and writing tasks.

This program incorporates a focus on:

  • Phonic concepts – sh/ch/th/oo/ee/ck/ar/or/ay/ai/er/ing/all.
    Consonant clusters and double consonants.
  • Long vowels – a-e/e-e/i-e/o-e/u-e.
  • Phonic concepts – oa/ow(as oa)/ ir(as er)/ur(as er)/er/aw(as or)/or/ ea(as ee)/ee/ou/ow(as ou)/ etc.
  • Instruction manual
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Expressing and developing ideas - Spelling - Know that regular one syllable words are made up of letters and common letter clusters that correspond to the sounds heard, and how to use visual memory to write high frequency words

Interpreting, analysing, evaluating - Reading processes - Read supportive texts using developing phrasing,fluency, contextual, semantic, grammatical and phonic knowledge and emerging text processing strategies, for example prediction, monitoring meaning a

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