PLD’s Tracking Sheets for Monitoring Student Progress

What is the purpose of PLD’s Tracking Sheets?

<span class='green-color'>PLD's Tracking Sheets</span> <span class='purple'>for Monitoring Student Progress</span>

The PLD digital tracking sheets integrate the paper based test results into a single document that will help schools manage the implementation of PLD programs across classes and year levels. The sheets record the results of the PLD termly screening and facilitate a process in which classes are organised into three ability levels (or explicit teaching groups). For more information on establishing a consistent screening & tracking process visit the year level specific pages.

early years foundation years 1 & 2 year 3, 4, 5 & 6


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Once spreadsheets have been setup and screening has been conducted. School Leaders can request support HERE

Tracking Sheet Support Videos Available Below

Early Years PLD Tracking Sheets Guide
Year 1 & 2 PLD Tracking Sheets Guide
Foundation PLD Tracking Sheets Guide
Year 3 – 6 PLD Tracking Sheets Guide
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