Whole School Literacy StrategyPutting every teacher in your school on the same literacy strategy enhances the successful academic results of each student. By educating the educators, your teachers will more effectively achieve the desired results in your literacy programs.

A whole school literacy strategy addresses the areas of:

The importance of having a whole school literacy strategy

PLD endorses a whole school literacy strategy in order to achieve optimal results and educational outcomes. PLD offers in-house professional development courses for your staff and parents nights, as well. Schools also have access to an individualised service where PLD tailor a program and assist in the development of a school literacy and language policy through School Based Coaching.

Are your teachers all implementing the same strategy? If not, you might not be getting the best outcomes for your students or your school. Even the best teachers will be limited in the impact they can make if a common strategy is not adopted across the school. The impact may not be immediately obvious but will certainly be reflected over the long-term in the NAPLAN test scores for your school.

Benefits of the PLD Literacy Strategy

As the children in your school move from class to class and year to year, they will enjoy continuity of instruction technique, inherit a broad view of literacy, and easily transition from one milestone to the next. Academic success is easily measured at the school level through test scores. When your whole organisation is moving together you’ll benefit from:

  • an improvement in teacher and student morale
  • better conversations with your staff
  • cooperative partnerships with parents

For more information:

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