PLD offers two options for quote creation.

  • The first option is recommended when a school has identified a list of items to be included in the formal quote. Schools are directed to follow the steps outlined below to create a self-generated quote.
  • The second option is when the school requires a quote for PLD implementation (i.e. programs and training) but is not certain which items are required. The office will assist in devising the quote on the basis of the information provided.

Navigate to the relevant sections using the tabs below:

Option 1: Generate a Quote

Step 1: Either create an account or log in to your existing account by following this link here.
Step 2: Use the 'ADD TO QUOTE' button located next to each item on the website to add them to your quote.
Step 3: After selecting your items, click on the QUOTE icon to view your quote. The quote will be sent to your email for reference.
Step 4: To proceed with the quote, click on the 'ACCEPT' button.

By following the steps outlined in the graphic above, schools can create their own quote through the website. This is highly recommended for schools currently implementing PLD, and for smaller orders.

Option 2: Request a Quote From the PLD Office

By completing the form below, schools new to PLD can request implementation costs for training and essential programs. A quote will be forwarded to the email supplied (typically within 48 hours). A 30-minute consult will follow to discuss and refine the quote to suit the school's requirements.

Request a Quote - School Leaders Page