Apps For Literacy

Reading and Spelling Apps for your classroom

PLD’s range of reading and spelling apps are designed for repeated practice of early literacy skills and are ideal for both classroom and home use. The apps are fun and engaging so children will enjoy playing them, with the levels increasing in complexity as their skills develop.

Apps For Literacy

When to use PLD’s Reading and Spelling Apps

Junior Primary Classes

The PLD Apps can be used to target the entire class at their specific stages of development. See the App Scheduling Guide to establish where to start.

Classes with older students still acquiring PLD’s Stage 1 literacy skills

The relevant Spelling or Reading app can be used 5 to 10 minutes each day for skill development or revision and consolidation.

Use at Home

PLD reading and spelling apps can be recommended to parents to purchase for additional home practice.

Got a question about the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) or app installation?

Head to our support page for all the answers.

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Apps For Literacy