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PLD 2P Spell Star 1a  

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This first app (in a set of four), is designed for students who are on the verge of spelling or who have recently started to spell CVC words. The app is most suitable for the following age groups:

  • Advanced preschool children.
  • Average Foundation students as they embark on the journey of learning to spell along with their peers.
  • Older students who are still acquiring CVC spelling ability.

The app is designed to provide early spellers with multiple opportunities to:

  • Rehearse CVC spelling words.
  • Extend early spelling by gradually increasing the complexity of the words presented.

Particular consideration has been given to:

  • Alphabet and phonic sounds (rather than letter names).
  • The sounding-out of words (i.e. segmentation, a phonemic awareness skill) which is an essential foundation skills when extending spelling ability.
  • An ordered sequence of phonic concepts.


Once the app loads, the settings (located on the bottom left-hand corner of the title page) can be accessed. Within the settings there is a choice of the level of support to be provided (audio instructions only, or instructions with pictorial and word support). Following this a character, a scene and a level will need to be selected. It is always recommended that children start at the initial level and progress through each level in the specified order.

When the game commences the instruction will be provided to spell a word. This is achieved by moving the character up and down, left and right and thereby collecting gold coins and moving towards the components of each particular word. Each round presents five words to be spelled.

The game can be repeated over and over. When appropriate the child can progress up and through the levels.

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