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PLD 2 Player Reading Games 1a: CVC words  

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This first app (from set of four) has been designed for those students on the verge of reading or who have recently started reading. It is an excellent supplement to early reading books, flash cards and reading games.

CVC words include words such as run, hot, hat and cap. CVC stands for consonant-vowel-consonant.

The App is most suitable for the following age groups:

  • Advanced Kindergarten/Pre-School children
  • Average Pre-Primary/Foundation students (as they start to embark on their new National Curriculum goals of learning to read prior to Year 1).
  • Poor readers from Year 1, who are still operating at a CVC level.

The app is designed to provide early readers with multiple opportunities to:

  • Rehearse and automate their CVC single word reading skills.
  • Extend single word CVC reading skills by gradually increasing the complexity of the words presented.

Particular consideration has been given to:

  • Alphabet and phonic sounds (rather than letter names).
  • The combining or blending of sounds (i.e. phonemic awareness) which is an essential foundation skills when extending reading ability.
  • An ordered sequence of reading concepts.

How to Play

Once the app loads, the settings (located on bottom left hand corner of the title page) can be accessed. Within the settings there is the choice of a slow, medium or fast game pace. Before starting, the level of the game will need to be selected. It is always recommended that children start at the initial level and progress through each level in the specified order.

Two players then position themselves on either side of the iPad. When the game commences, the instruction will be given to ‘read the word’. This is followed by the revealing of the individual sounds within the word and short pause in which the students have the opportunity to blend the sounds and identify the word before the app names the word.

Three mixed words are then presented directly in front of each player. Two of the words are distractor words plus the word that was read just moments ago. The players then race to select the focus word.

The player who is first to correctly identify the word, has a section of their palm tree coloured. The game concludes when one of the palm trees is fully coloured.

The game came can then be repeated over and over and when appropriate the students can progress up and through the levels.

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