Early Literacy Material for Parent Education Nights and At Home Support Print

This post is from a recent email query requesting material suitable for compiling an early learning handbook. The post outlines the specific material that can be included in such a resource or at a parent education for literacy run by a school or other learning facility.

Dear Diana, As part of our literacy program we have been participated in Professional Development and are using most of PLD resources designed for Kindy and PP. I am the Early Learning Coordinator for my school and am currently updating our Early Learning Handbook for 2012. I would like to include some information on milestones etc. Am I permitted to use the downloaded resources from your web site and include these in our handbook? My intention was to provide parents with hard copies of relevant material to support learning at home. I look forward to your response.

Our milestone sheets were designed for dissemination to parents, schools and the community. For this reason, we encourage you to include our literacy milestone fact sheets in parents handbook. PLD only requests that the source of the information (PLD) is always retained and communicated on the downloads and fact sheets. In terms of parent education nights which are typically held at the beginning of the year please refer to our Parent Education Night page for relevant videos and materials.

Our free milestone fact sheets are located within our website under their key areas of:

Literacy – Free Downloads 

Movement & Motor – Free Downloads

Oral Language – Free Downloads

The free downloads can also be located when you scroll down our pages for:

Early Years (3 & 4 year olds)

Foundation (5 year olds)

Year 1 and 2 (6 and 7 year olds)

Years 3 to 6 (8 year olds on)