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Over 40 cards with scripted questions, a home or school program based upon recommended picture books for 5 year olds.

Designed by Speech Pathologists, this resource helps early childhood workers, teachers and parents know what type of books and questions that 5 year olds should be exposed to.

  • Samples of adequate and inadequate 5 year old answers
  • Explicit instructions on how to present in a whole class, small group individual setting
  • A progress check to determine if children are age appropriate or not and those that require a referral to a speech pathologist
  • A note from the author presenting an overview of the theory underpinning the program.
  • An instruction manual outlining how to present the program to large groups, small groups or individual children.
  • 42 double sided picture book cards.
  • Each card reminds the importance of repeated reading of picture books and outlines a collection of questions to be asked on day 1, then further questions to be asked on days 2, 3 and 4.
  • The questions focus primarily upon Blank (level 3 and 4 questions).
  • Two easy to administer progress checks; one in colour and one that is black and white.


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