Foundation Parent Education Sheets and Downloads – Semester 2

Foundation Parent Education Sheets and Downloads – Semester 2

Year Level: Foundation

This booklet outlines key information to be provided to parents, caregivers and the wider community within semester one. Children benefit when home and school work together. To support this, PLD offers an extensive range of parent milestone information sheets and videos. These resources are ideal to be disseminated to parents and the wider community through newsletters, websites and general communication.

– The BLUE sheets have been written by speech pathologists.
– The RED sheets have been written by occupational therapists.
– The GREEN sheets have been written by educators.


What to do if Concerned about a Student’s Development?

If students are operating below their year level peers, it is recommended that home and school work together to access support services, in order to cater for the learning needs of the child. Research clearly states that the earlier intervention commences the better the outcomes for the child. If students have difficulties within the oral language or literacy realm, consult a Speech Pathologist. If students have difficulties relating to movement and motor skills, consult an Occupational Therapist. PLD no longer operates a clinic and are unable to provide advice or recommendations for individual students.


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This download outlines how PLD programs link to the ACARA National Curriculum year level content descriptions.

  • Foundation Parent Education Sheets and Downloads - Semester 2
    PLD’s Alignment to the Australian National Curriculum

    How does PLD align to the Australian National Curriculum?

    In the attached download we have outlined where PLD applies to each year level, the content code and descriptor and the related PLD programs.