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Stage 2 phonic charts
Stage 2 phonic charts

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A resource designed for students aged 7-8 years of age or at a stage 2 level, representing the phonic and sound structure of words.

  • The charts can be utilised for the purpose of display or as flash cards.
  • Each set, extends phonic knowledge, whilst highlighting the sound structure and the vocabulary nature of the words.
  • Writing is supported when students have access to environmental print, which consolidates concepts covered.
  • Each set of charts is based directly upon the PLD’s Phonic & sight word sequence.

Stage 2 phonic charts focus on the following: ‘a-e’ as ‘ay’, ‘e-e’ as ‘ee’, ‘i-e’ as ‘igh’, ‘o-e’ as ‘oa’, u-e as ‘y+oo’, u-e as ‘oo’, oa, ‘ow’ as ‘oa’, ‘oe’ as ‘oa’, ‘ie’ as ‘igh’, ‘ue’ as ‘oo’, ‘ue’ as ‘y+oo’, ‘ew’ as ‘oo’,‘ew’ as ‘y+oo’, ‘ea’ as ‘ee’, ‘ow’ as ‘ou’, ou, ‘aw’ as ‘or’, ‘ir’ as ‘er’, ‘ur’ as ‘er’,‘y’ as ‘igh’, ‘y’ as ‘ee’

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This publication is mentioned within the ‘Whole School Literacy Strategy’ booklet on pages 5-8.

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  • Stage 2 phonic charts
    Full set: phonic charts

    The set of charts can be used for display or flash cards. Each chart highlights the underlying phonic and sound structure contained within the words.

    The set of charts can be used for display or flash cards. Each chart highlights the underlying phonic and sound structure contained within the words.

  • Phonic & Sight Word Sequence
    Phonic & Sight Word Sequence

    Outlining the relationship between letters and sounds.

    Designed by a Speech Pathologist, this resource is essentially a planning document for scheduling graded spelling lists for 5 to 11-year-olds within a classroom setting.

  • Stage 2 phonic charts
    Stage 1 decoding and spelling games

    A program to develop single word decoding and spelling skills for students operating at Stage 1. Games and tasks for targeted small groups and home programs.

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  • Stage 2 Phonic Dictation
    Stage 2 Phonic Dictation

    Learning to apply phonic knowledge to writing tasks.

    The program develops the ability to transfer phonic and spelling skills into extended reading and written tasks. Short presentation formats outline dictation only. Extended formats

Expressing and developing ideas - Spelling - Understand how to use diagraphs, long vowels, blends and silent letters to spell words, and use morphemes and syllabification to break up simple words and use visual memory to write irregular words.

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