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A program for 7 to 8 year olds designed to represent the phonic and sound structure of words.

Perfect for use in the classroom or home, this resource contains 19 Stage 2 Phonics Charts targeting the following concepts: a-e as ay, e-e as ee, i-e as igh, o-e as oa, u-e, oa, ow as oa, oe as oa, ie as igh, ue as oo and many more…

  • The colour coding highlights the phonic concepts and all other sounds in words
  • Second in a set of four
  • 19 x A4 colour cards

This product is also available in eBook format here.

Code: CHph2

Expressing and developing ideas - Spelling - Understand how to use diagraphs, long vowels, blends and silent letters to spell words, and use morphemes and syllabification to break up simple words and use visual memory to write irregular words.

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