Integrating PLD in Day Care and Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centres

Fostering Play and Child-Centered Early Childhood Teaching & Learning

The Early Years represent a crucial phase in the development of language, motor, and cognitive skills. At ages three and four, children are becoming more verbal, constructing longer sentences, and refining their pronunciation. Their motor skills are also progressing, showing a merging awareness of words, letters, and numbers.

PLD’s programs are designed to align seamlessly with the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Programs for Developing Language, Motor and Early Literacy


We nurture pre-literacy skills to prepare children for formal education. Engaging activities, focusing on listening to sounds within words (phonological awareness), and connecting them to alphabet sounds, establish a strong foundation for their future literacy pursuits in school.

Oral Language

Oral language encompasses both speaking and listening abilities. This includes proficiency in vocabulary, sentence structure, comprehension, and structured thinking – the capacity to articulate, organise, and sequence thoughts effectively. Whilst limited oral language skills may not entirely hinder a child’s ability to read, they can significantly affect reading comprehension, writing, and accessing the complete curriculum.

Movement & Motor

The way students coordinate their bodies and engage their muscles in response to auditory stimuli is a key factor in literacy development. There are instances where they must use their bodies to respond, such as following directions or writing down answers. A wide range of physical skills improvement plays a vital role in achieving the best performance in the classroom. These abilities include grasping pencils correctly, refining motor skills for cutting, mastering letter formation, and achieving proficiency in handwriting.

Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators
  • Option 1: The most time and cost-effective method to enhance your skills with PLD is by enrolling in the Pre-literacy in the early years online course. This course spans two and a half hours, divided into four sections
    • Videos 1 & 2 cover Semester 1. (Installment 1 may be previewed for FREE)
    • Videos 3 & 4 cover Semester 2.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, you can choose to register for one of the PLD seminars. These are available both online and in-person and are conducted at various locations across Australia.
Parent Guide: Milestones and Essential Information

Children thrive when there is a strong partnership between home and early childhood services. To support this collaboration, PLD provides a wide array of informative materials and videos for parents. These resources are perfect for sharing with other parents and the broader community, via newsletters, websites, and other forms of communication.

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