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Strengthening the relationship between letters and sounds.

  • Flash cards are a powerful instructional tool. They are an effective way to present, practise, consolidate and revise concepts at a whole class, small group or individual student level.
  • A wide selection of phonic concepts have been included within this resource; making it a practical and handy resource.
  • The resource includes alphabet, stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 phonic concepts.
  • One side of the flash cards are coloured and provide students with picture prompts. The other side lists the phonic concept without any supports.
  • Instruction A4 card
  • Alphabet and phonic recognition A4 test card
  • 26 x A6 alphabet flash cards:
    • Alphabet Flash Cards:Group 1: s, a, t, p, i, n(cards with yellow borders),
    • Alphabet Flash Cards:Group 2: m, r, h, e, d, c(cards with blue borders)
    • Alphabet Flash Cards:Group 3: f, l, g, o, u, b(cards with green borders)
    • Alphabet Flash Cards:Group 4: w, j, v, k, z, y, q, x(cards with red borders)
  • Over 125 x A6 phonic flash cards:
    • Stage 1 Phonics: (cards with dark blue borders) –sh, ch, oo, ee, ck, ar, or, er, ai, oi, qu, ay, ing, oy, th, wh, all, bl-, cl-, fl-, pl-,sl-, br-, cr-, dr-, fr-, gr-, pr-, tr-, sc-, sk-, sm-, sp-, st-, sw-, tw-, -ft, -ld, -nd, -nk, -st, -sk, -mp
    • Stage 2 Phonics: (cards with dark green borders)ea, ow, ou, oe, ow, oa, o-e, ewasoo, ueasoo, u-e, yasigh, ieasigh, i-e, ir, ur, awasor, a-e, e-e, yasee
    • Stage 3 Phonics:(cards with dark orange borders)ice, ace, tch, ph, igh, eaase, dgeasj, -geasj, oorasor, ourasor, oarasor, ey, y, earasair, air, areasair, alk, dle, ble, eerasear, ear, any, zle, tle, ple, kle
    • Stage 4 Phonics:(cards with dark pink borders)silent: t/l/u/w/c, ain, tion, sion, -ture, ous, ineaseen, ation, ician, ageasij, auasor, aughasor, oughasor, eighasay, ieasee, ouraser, chask, aasar, aaso, oraser, earaser, oasu,uasoo, sassh, gasj, yasigh, yasi, cass
  • A6 Size: 148.5mm x 105mm


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