PLD School Licences

PLD School Licences

A School Licence is a multi-user subscription to a PLD resource, such as a book or program, in a digital and printable format that is available on all devices.

A School Licence is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used by an unlimited amount of teachers within a school.

The Benefits of Buying a PLD School Licence

The benefits of purchasing a PLD School Licence include easy access to teaching resources and programs, it’s a cost-effective option especially for mid to large schools, and resource management is made easier. 

In particular, it offers considerable savings for schools which have multiple streams (3 or more per year level), are catering for a wide range of abilities and where teachers from all years require access to a wide range of resources to support all students in their classes.

  • When bought under a School Licence, a resource is supplied in digital, PDF-type format, which teachers can access from anywhere, at any time, on any device. 
  • Once a school purchases a Licence for a resource, it can be used by any amount of teachers in that school. Furthermore, multiple teachers can access a resource simultaneously.
  • The digital resources are stress-free and easy to print.  
  • New versions of resources will be added automatically to a license, meaning schools don’t have to spend money on the latest version and be left with hard copies of old programs. 
  • Resources bought as a School Licence are stored centrally and managed from a secure login account on the PLD website. Thus, every resource added to a license is in the one place, and is extremely easy to find. Moreso, the school license offering eradicates the frustration of lost or misplaced resources and programs which happens often with hardback books.

What Resources Are Available Under a School Licence?

We have a selection of programs available to purchase with a School Licence, categorised into our most popular topics below. Alternatively, click on a year level tab to view all options. 

Note: We highly recommend that either the Principal, Deputy Principal or a member of the admin team purchase the School Licence in order to manage the account and its users.

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