Getting parents involved with your school literacy program greatly enhances the successful implementation of a literacy strategy. PLD Parent Education Sessions help parents:

  • Understand how skills are acquired from preschool through to the primary school years
  • Know what to expect from their child at different ages
  • Support key literacy skills in the home
  • Determine when it’s necessary to seek specialist services

Parent Education Sessions help in clarifying the parent’s role in the education process. PLD Consultancy will tailor presentation content to the specific needs of a school’s parent community.

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The following Parent Education free downloads may also assist.

Early Years Language, Literacy and Motor Milestone Booklet

Foundation Year Language, Literacy and Motor Milestone Booklet

Year 1 and 2 Language, Literacy and Motor Milestone Booklet

Years 3 to 6 Language, Literacy and Motor Milestone Booklet

Speech and Language Development Milestone Sheets

Fine and Gross Motor Development Milestone Sheets

Recommended Reading Books

Key Areas that Maximise Academic Achievement

The Literacy Information for Parents page contains additional free downloads which may assist.

Running A Parent Information Night

Parent and community education is an essential variable in early childhood services. Parents need to be recruited as partners in the process of developing the foundations for later academic success.

This often starts with parent education.

Parent education nights are typically held at the beginning of the year and the following resources and videos may be useful when running these evenings.

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