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Preparing for the alphabet
  • Beginning sound awareness; a phonemic awareness program
  • Phonemic awareness is an important pre-literacy skill.
  • The colour card sets form the basis of explicit 5 minute instruction sessions.
  • The instructions and guidelines outline how to effectively teach initial sound awareness. These instructions can form the basis of assistant and parent education.
  • When Preparing for the Alphabet is used in conjunction with PLD’s
  • Pre-Literacy Screening this forms a significant component in a school’s early intervention strategy.

Alphabet the multisensory way

Incorporating stage 1 phonic concepts.

  • Designed by Speech
  • Pathologists for teachers and parents.
  • Simple to use.
  • Card sets explicitly teach alphabet and phonic sounds.
  • Students feel their mouth making the sounds.
  • A body action is outlined for each sound.
  • An effective and engaging way to teach alphabet and phonic sounds.


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Preparing for the alphabet

Beginning sound awareness: a phonemic awareness program

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Alphabet the multi sensory way

A program for 4-6 year olds, incorporating stage 1 phonic concepts.

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