Decoding and Spelling Games - Stage 1
Decoding and Spelling Games - Stage 1

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A program to develop single word decoding and spelling skills for students operating at Stage 1. Games and tasks for targeted small groups and home programs.

Over time children become more efficient in a visual and an auditory sense. For example, rather than decoding the word ‘teeth’ in three parts the word may be decoded in two parts (e.g. t-eeth or tee-th). Decoding and spelling games for ages 5 to 7 is designed to provide further decoding practice to help students establish automatic word recognition.

Single word spelling involves three primary core base skills:

  1. Auditory skills
  2. Visual skills
  3. Fine motor skills

Once this spelling process has been rehearsed the students can typically spell the word automatically and often through the application of letter names “c-h-a-i-n”.

Students will typically read better than they will spell. This is because the recognition of the words (i.e. reading) is typically much easier than the reproduction of the letter sound correspondences to formulate the words.


  • Single word phonic word attack skills require explicit instruction and repeated practice.
  • Once single word skills are established, they are more likely to transfer across to written work.
  • The program is designed for individuals or small groups of students who require repeated opportunities to consolidate stage 1 spelling and decoding.
  • The stage 1 program is organised in four sections:
    • Target 1: CVC
    • Target 2: CVC with early phonic concepts sh, ch, th, oo, ee, ck
    • Target 3: CCVC and CVCC words
    • Target 4: Phonic concepts such as ar, or, er, ai, oi
  • The game-based activities provide multiple opportunities to rehearse word attack skills at a reading and spelling level.

This publication is mentioned within the ‘Whole School Literacy Strategy‘ booklet on page 11 & 18.

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Expressing and developing ideas - Spelling - Know that regular one syllable words are made up of letters and common letter clusters that correspond to the sounds heard, and how to use visual memory to write high frequency words

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