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A phonemic awareness segmentation program, designed to prepare children for spelling.

  • Phonemic awareness is strongly associated with early literacy achievement.
  • Within this program, the phonemic awareness skill of segmentation is targeted. Segmentation represents an immediate precursor to spelling ability.
  • The colour card sets form the basis of short explicit instruction sessions.
  • The scripted instructions provide clear guidelines on how to effectively teach segmentation.
  • When this program is used in conjunction with screening (within the final page of the booklet) this program forms a significant component in a school’s preventative/early intervention strategy.


  • A no-preparation required spiral bound A5 full colour flip book.
  • Introduction/Note from the author.
  • Over 40 coloured picture which develop the skill of segmentation.
  • Each card has specific scripted instructions.
  • A progress check/skill assessment to review readiness for spelling.
  • Aim for 2-3 minutes of segmenting several times a day.


This product is also available in eBook format here.

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Sound and letter knowledge - Phonemic awareness (sounds of language) - Recognise rhymes, syllables and sounds (phonemes) in spoken words

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