The tracking of student skill development is central to the PLD process.

From Term 1, pre-reading and pre-spelling skills should be explicitly taught.  Please refer to page 8 and 9 in the ‘Whole School Literacy Plan’ booklet.  These pages outline a basic implementation guide, that can be adapted to suit the entry level of the students and the vision established within a particular school. While it is essential to progress into reading, spelling and writing activities, it is also necessary to first develop the pre-literacy skills outlined on page 8. 

Download ‘The Foundation Pre-Literacy Screen’. The first page tracks the development of the pre-reading skills (i.e. blending and alphabet sound knowledge) and the second page outlines pre-spelling skills (i.e. segmentation and alphabet recall and formation). As the implementation guide explains, these skills should be scheduled into Term 1 (or semester 1) if appropriate. 

If training is required to administer this assessment, please refer to the following online course:

Please note that the test results can be applied directly to excel tracking sheets. Request a K-6 excel tracking sheet.


FAQ: Why screen sub-tests in week 6 or 7 of the term following an intensive period of explicit teaching and skill development?

If students are scoring under 80% by mid-term, this suggests that additional small group work is required to develop the key skill (or skills). If the screen is presents at the end of year or end of the term, then this leaves no time to focus on the students who are struggling to acquire the skills established within the literacy plan. Mid term checks allow for resources to be diverted to the students who require the assistance

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