Speech & language development posters and sheets - ages 0 to 3
Speech & language development posters and sheets - ages 0 to 3

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This milestone poster/sheet details the speech and language development milestones for children within the early years (0 to 3 years of age). Includes tips for home and causes for concern. Click to download separate milestone lists below.

Designed by speech and language pathologists, the speech and language milestone sheets provide an list of typical milestones that should be attained by specific ages. In the event that a child is not demonstrating what is expected for their age, it is recommended that a speech pathologist is consulted. The sheets also include specific causes for concern and suggestions for parents within the home.

While PLD no longer offers a clinic, the following download may be useful when seeking specific information from the school or the early childhood service for the speech pathologist: Observations of a student to accompany a referral to a SP.


Download the A3 3 year old Speech & Language Poster or download the A4 3 year old Speech & Language sheet. 

The following implementation booklet outlines how PLD speech pathology designed programs can be applied to schools. Refer to pages 7, 11, 12 and 18.


Other related milestone sheets and videos have been listed below:

Additional parent education playlists are located at: https://www.youtube.com/user/pldliteracy/playlists
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  • Speech & language development posters and sheets - ages 0 to 3
    Semantic scenes and questioning set 1

    A school-based or home-based program designed to equip teachers and parents of 4 year old children with activities that will develop semantic knowledge.

    Designed by speech pathologists for teachers and parents. Packed with activities that develop semantic knowledge. Colour thematic picture scenes include: the zoo, transport, at home,

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