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Synthetic phonics within the junior primary - online course
Synthetic phonics within the junior primary - online course
Synthetic phonics within the junior primary - online course  

This course includes over 2 hours of video content and over 240 slides you can refer to during the course and download so you can refer to them later.

Here’s an outline of what the course is about:

  • Each classroom has a range in ability. The course outlines a process which enables teachers learn to be comfortable with the range in ability, and flexible enough to devise a process that matches student ability.
  • The first step is assessing the class. A simple time efficient non-standardised spelling test is provided. It identifies the gaps in knowledge and/or the level at which students are currently at.
  • On the basis of the results (and the range in ability) next a synthetic phonics approach is outlined which aims to deliver significant spelling and phonics skill development.

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This course consists of:

  • Instalment 1: Screening to establish the range in ability within a junior primary class.
  • Instalment 2: The marking/analysis of the student spelling tests, to establish ability groups and to focus your teaching.
  • Instalment 3: Introduction to Synthetic Phonics – Quality learning activities drawing upon the class profile.
  • Instalment 4: Establishing a weekly spelling process in which three groups can be facilitated.
  • Instalment 5: Frequently Asked Questions – e.g. How many spelling words? How and when do spelling groups get reviewed? Suggestions for spelling tests? How do sight words relate to synthetic phonics?
  • Instalment 6: Using the class profile to expand the process beyond spelling & students who are progressing slowly.



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