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Stage 1 phonic bingo games
Stage 1 phonic bingo games

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Stage 1 Phonic Bingo Games provide an engaging way for students to rehearse their decoding, word recognition and phonic skills. Includes 11 sets of bingo games: CVC, sh, ch, th, oo, ee, ck, CCVC, CVCC, ar, or, er, oi, oy

  • The bingo games provide an engaging way for students to rehearse their decoding, word recognition and phonic skills.
  • The pack is comprised of 11 bright and attractive games of bingo.
  • The games outline a developmental sequence: 11 levels of Year 1 phonic based words.
  • As a versatile tool, the bingo games can be played over and over again with an adult or peers.
  • 11 bingo games (A5 size: 148.5mm high x 210mm wide).
  • Instruction card
  • Bingo games incorporate-
    • CVC words introduced in four letter sound groups
    • Phonic themes: sh, ch, th; oo, ee, ck
    • CCVC words and CVCC words
    • Phonic themes: ar, or, er; ay, ai and oy, oi.


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