Raising Writing Standards Through the medium of dictation – Online Course

Code: OCrws
Year Level: Year 1 & 2, Years 3 to 6
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What to teach? When to screen? How to cater for the range in ability?

This course will provide you with the structure and tools to improve the literacy outcomes of your students with weak writing skills.

Recommended for – staff working with students that have weak writing skills or as a supplementary course for staff within Years 1 to 6.
Course presenter – Diana Rigg BA(Ed), BEd, CPP(UK), MEd, MSc(SpPath)
Course length – 1.3 hours
Access to course – 90 days
Certificate – Awarded upon completion
Supporting materials – Referenced material available for download

Course Description

Dictation is a time-efficient structured option and addition to literacy blocks, which facilitates progress in a relatively short period of time. This is a short course which outlines a range of ways dictation can be delivered in the primary schools years and the benefits of regular presentation. Suggestions for presenting dictation to junior, middle or upper primary students and classes with diverse ranges in ability will be explored. Read More.


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  • Raising Writing Standards Through the medium of dictation - Online Course
    Whole School Phonic Sight Word Sequence Placement Screening

    The Phonic Sight Word Sequence placement test, is designed to very quickly establish the range in ability within a class, and provide the stages or levels for which explicit, structured teaching is required.

    The Phonic & Sight Word Sequence Spelling Profiles are designed to track the development of single word spelling based upon PLD’s Structured Synthetic Phonics sequence.

  • Raising Writing Standards Through the medium of dictation - Online Course
    Language Literacy Link

    A information sheet explaining the importance of targeting BOTH language based literacy (or oral language skills) and print based literacy skills (i.e. alphabetic, phonic, spelling and decoding ability) for the development of interpretative reading and writing skills.

    Too often parents and educators associate early literacy success with alphabetic and sight word knowledge. A little later on in a child’s development literacy is

  • Raising Writing Standards Through the medium of dictation - Online Course
    Ages and Stages of Literacy Development – Ages 3 – 12

    A fact sheet which identifies age related milestones for literacy development in children from 3 years of age. Included are decoding and spelling skill checklists for Stage 1 (or Year 1) through to Stage 5 (or Year 5).

    Many parents wonder if their child’s reading skills are developing at the normal rate. While there are individual differences, there is a general progression of

  • Raising Writing Standards Through the medium of dictation - Online Course
    PLD’s 2020 Whole School Literacy Plan

    The document outlines how to implement PLD’s literacy, Movement and Motor and Oral Language resources during the Early Years, Foundation, Year 1 & 2 and across Years 3 to 6. Each page provides suggested time frames and implementation recommendations.

    The purpose of this document is to provide an implementation outline to assist schools in scheduling the PLD programs within a broad school-based strategy. When

This download outlines how PLD programs link to the ACARA National Curriculum year level content descriptions.

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