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Letter Formation for Little People - Step 2

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A junior primary approach to instructing letter formation in FOUNDATION FONT.

Simple and easy to use, the resource targets letter formation in a junior primary manner.

  • Designed by an Occupational Therapist.
  • Provides clear guidelines on getting ready for writing, correct pencil grip and posture.
  • Provides multiple opportunities to rehearse letter recognition and formation skills.
  • Provides verbal cues for each lower case letter. Also includes upper case and number formation prompts and verbal cues.
  • Provides new verbal cues to use when introducing line placement of letters.
  • Foundation Font
  • Guidelines for instruction of correct line placement of letters.
  • Assessment formats to review skill development.


Step 2 has been created for use in the Foundation Year – Pre-primary (WA), Prep. (QLD, VIC, TAS), Reception (SA), Transition (SA).

Click HERE to view Step 1 for the Early Years РKindergarten (WA, QLD, SA, TAS) and Preschool (ACT, NT, NSW, VIC). 

  • Letter Formation for Little People - Step 2
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  • Letter Formation for Little People - Step 2
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  • Letter Formation for Little People - Step 2
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    This item is available for download from the link above.

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