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Preparing Children for Handwriting Step 1
Preparing Children for Handwriting Step 1

The range of motor skills that support handwriting

An activity guide to complement an early years program.

  • Developed by an Occupational Therapist, this manual provides early childhood workers and parents with easy-to-understand information and activities focused upon fine and gross motor skill development for 3 to 4 year olds.
  • Cutting, colouring, drawing, playdough, and pre-writing activities.
  • Ball, balance, eye tracking and body control activities
  • Expectations and guidance on pencil grip and posture, among other skills.

Following Step 1 with Preparing Children for Handwriting – Step 2  provides children with the essential preparation that is needed for letter formation.

  • Instruction manual (178 pages)


This publication is mentioned within the ‘Whole School Literacy Strategy’ booklet on page 7 & 12.

  • Preparing Children for Handwriting Step 1
    Phases of writing development ages 3 to 5

    A milestone and information sheet which identifies the four phases of writing development. It includes age related examples.

  • Preparing Children for Handwriting Step 1
    Developing cutting skills milestones ages 3 to 6

    A milestone sheet which identifies age based norms for developing cutting skills in children aged 2 to 6 years.

    Over a period of several years, children progress through several steps when learning to cut with scissors. Step 1 – Children learn to hold scissors

  • Preparing Children for Handwriting Step 1
    Pencil grip & drawing skills ages 1 to 6

    These milestone and information sheets identify the age related milestones for hand function, pencil grip (grasp) and drawing skills in children aged 1 to 6 years. They present images of good and NOT good pencil grip and also outline hints for making good pencil grip easier.

  • Correct Pencil Grip Free Fact Sheet
    Correct pencil grip

    A downloadable fact sheet with large illustrations and helpful tips of good pencil grip for left and right hand students.

    This item is available for download from the link above.

Creating texts - Handwriting - Developing a fluent, legible handwriting style, beginning with unjoined letters and moving to joined handwriting

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