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Letter Formation for Little People - Cursive Font

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An early childhood approach to instructing letter formation.

Letter Formation For Little People is a valuable resource for teachers in the early education setting. It is a unique program which details an initial introduction to lower case letters and their correct formation. This package provides multiple opportunities for rehearsal of each letter shape in cursive font. The order of introduction of the
letters is based on the 4 groupings used in all PLD programs.

Children are able to begin learning letter formation once they have mastered:

  • Emerging alphabet letter name and sound knowledge
  • Good sitting posture
  • Efficient grasp
  • Pre-writing patterns
  • Pencil control and accuracy

It is essential that correct formations of letters are mastered early, as it reduces the possibility of incorrect formations becoming habitual, and patterns needing to be re-learned at a later stage. Developed by an Occupational Therapist, this easy-to-use resource contains an early childhood approach to developing positive letter formation skills.

  • The process commences by targeting letter formation in a “big way” on A3 sheets, then progresses to A4 sized letter formation before mini letters
  • Each activity provides scripted instructions for the supporting adult
  • Additional information on pencil grip, posture, positioning of paper etc.
  • Also available in Foundation font. View the full Foundation font edition here.
  • Instruction manual (264 pages)

  • Letter Formation for Little People - Cursive Font
    Phases of writing development ages 3 to 5

    A milestone and information sheet which identifies the four phases of writing development. It includes age related examples.

  • Letter Formation for Little People - Cursive Font
    Getting Ready for Writing (Pre-Writing Patterns) Factsheet

    A sheet which identifies the six basic (Pre-Writing) patterns that form the basis of all alphabet letters.

    Throughout the early years, children are encouraged to participate in a range of fine motor activities that develop: their manipulative skills a dominant hand the

  • Letter Formation for Little People - Cursive Font
    Pencil grip & drawing skills ages 1 to 6

    These milestone and information sheets identify the age related milestones for hand function, pencil grip (grasp) and drawing skills in children aged 1 to 6 years. They present images of good and NOT good pencil grip and also outline hints for making good pencil grip easier.

  • Correct Pencil Grip Free Fact Sheet
    Correct pencil grip

    A downloadable fact sheet with large illustrations and helpful tips of good pencil grip for left and right hand students.

    This item is available for download from the link above.

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