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Using Pupil Free Days to Make a Start to the Implementation of PLD

Many schools use the pupil free days at the end (or at the beginning) of the school year as an opportunity to launch PLD’s implementation. Typically, a half day is sufficient time for staff to familiarise themselves with PLD’s programs, screening, downloadable manuals, online courses, and processing of the testing. Naturally, questions will arise, but the allocation of a half day is sufficient to make a start. Schools that allocate a proportion of their available pupil free time ensures teachers are ready to start the year with clarity on the whole school teaching, testing and reporting on student progress. This positive start to the year sets up schools to commence the year well.

Step 1: Register for & set up the PLD Tracking Sheets.

  • Click here to register for the PLD Tracking Sheets.
  • Set up the classes for the 2022 school year e.g. rename the tabs to denote year levels and class names ie Yr 1 Room 9, Yr 3 LA4, Yr 6J, etc and enter the class list (student names) in the correct columns.

Step 2: The participating classes will need to conduct an ‘exit’  placement test in the final week(s) of the school year and hand this information over to the 2022 teachers. 

Early Years: 


  • The Term 4 Reading Screen is located on pages 12 & 16-20 and
  • The Term 4 Spelling Screen is located on pages 21 & 25 or
  • If a small group of students are not yet reading or spelling CVC words use the screen on pages 9-10, 13 & 22-23 of the Foundation Screening & Tracking Manual.

Year 1 & 2:

Year 3, 4 & 5: 

  • The Term 1 Spelling Screen is located on pages 15+  and
  • For the students still in Stages 1 and 2 for spelling (or with delayed reading) the Term 1 Reading Screen is located on pages 22-25 in the Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Screening & Tracking Manual.

Step 3: During the pupil free day (in December or January) teachers view at least two hours of the relevant online course, mark and enter the exit 2021 test results into the PLD tracking sheets (referred to in Step 1).

  • Teachers mark the screens.
  • Teachers enter the test scores into the tracking sheets
  • Teachers arrange the class into three targeted teaching groups (as per the short videos listed below in Step 4).

Step 4: Short videos to be viewed by teachers prior to (or immediately after) entering results into the tracking sheets.

All Class Teachers

Early Years Teachers

Foundation Teachers

Year 1 & 2 Teachers

Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Teachers

Step 5: Once teachers have established a teaching plan for Term 1 by arranging the class into three targeted teaching groups, support & coaching from the PLD can be given.

When all of the student results have been entered into the tracking sheets, the School Leader (ie Literacy Coordinator, Deputy Principal, Head of Curriculum etc) can request support through this link: https://pld-literacy.org/request-for-support-with-pld-tracking-sheets/

It is highly recommended that the school-wide tracking document be shared in a “cloud” version through the School’s IT staff. A temporary link can be sent.

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