As you are requesting our complimentary service, we ask that you please review your tracking sheets before sending them to us to ensure that teachers have attempted to apply the three basic functions in the video below, as well as clustered students into three targeted teaching groups and set learning foci for the term. With all of these functions done, we are in a very good position to be able to get feedback to you in a timely manner. Whilst our preference is to give feedback on whole-school data, in some cases we are able to give feedback to single classrooms.

Please ensure you have watched the relevant tracking sheet support videos before sending through the tracking sheets.

If you are unsure how to use excel spreadsheets, we have created a video to guide you on how to do the three functions required when inputting the data. These functions are hiding & unhiding columns, cutting & pasting rows, and colour filling cells. Click here to watch the video.

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PLD Policies – What We Will & Will Not Do With Tracking Sheets

Upon requests for support, PLD will:

  • Keep original data intact. If PLD makes any changes to the data it will be in a duplicate tab. The school must make a decision as to which tab to keep as the working sheet moving forward and delete the alternative (it gets very confusing for teachers when they go back to populate their student’s data in the following term if there are two versions of their class’ data).
  • Whole-school feedback will be given in a single email to the person who originally lodged the request. It is up to the school leadership team to determine how feedback is disseminated to classroom teachers.
  • Assume that the person lodging the request is working in the best interest of the school and is in a suitable role to receive whole-school feedback and disseminate appropriately.
  • Keep all data confidential and delete the document once feedback has been given.