Phonic Desk Strips – Stage 1 – Foundation Font

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Year Level: Foundation
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Early phonics support for early writing.

The desk strips are attractive resources for use in the school or home to assist children during early spelling and writing efforts providing:

  • Stage 1 phonic concepts: e.g. sh, ch, th, oo, ee, ck, ar, or, er …
  • Letter starting points, sizing of letter and placement on lines
  • Pictures to support alphabet sound recall
  • Available in Cursive and Foundation font
  • Desk Strips (Pack of 30 – stickers)

  • Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 1 - Foundation Font
    Phases of Writing Development

    A milestone and information sheet which identifies the four phases of writing development. It includes age related examples.

    Just as children make many “mistakes” or approximations as they learn to talk, the development of writing skills is also a process. At each phase

  • Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 1 - Foundation Font
    Getting Ready for Writing (Pre-writing patterns) Factsheet

    A downloadable factsheet which identifies the six basic (Pre-writing) patterns that form the basis of all alphabet letters.

    Throughout the early years, children are encouraged to participate in a range of fine motor activities that develop: their manipulative skills a dominant hand the

  • Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 1 - Foundation Font
    The Development of Appropriate Pencil Grip and Drawing Skills – Ages 1 – 6

    These milestone and information sheets identify the age-related milestones for hand function, pencil grip (grasp) and drawing skills in children aged 1 to 6 years. They present images of good and NOT good pencil grip and also outline hints for making a good pencil grip easier.

    When children first begin to draw using crayons, pencils or brushes they use a dagger grasp. In a natural developmental sequence, they will hold the

National Curriculum Statement

This download outlines how PLD programs link to the ACARA National Curriculum year level content descriptions.

ISBN : 9781921560811

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