Literacy Screening tools for your classroom

<span class='green-color'>Literacy Screening tools for your classroom</span>

Tracking the literacy development of students is central to the PLD process. PLD views every primary classroom as different, as each classroom has a specific range in student ability. The placement tests identify exactly what learning needs exist within the class and thereby highlight the targeted teaching that is required. Each free-to-download screen is relatively time-efficient to administer and the results can be integrated within the ready-to-use tracking sheets.

The screening tools can be administered:

  • To the whole class, as a beginning of the year placement test to identify the range of literacy needs.
  • Following a period of explicit instruction, as a ‘progress check’ to determine if students have acquired the concepts and are ready to progress to the next stages or skills.
  • When individual students are experiencing difficulty, and require small group or modified instruction.

Download the Screening Tools for your year group


When to schedule literacy screening and assessments
Establishing a consistent screening and tracking process

Many of the literacy screening tools are linked to the 2020 PLD Tracking Spreadsheets. Start tracking your student’s progress today, request a copy now. For more information on how to establish a consistent screening and tracking process in your school or classroom, click here.

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