For teachers & schools NEW to PLD materials.
Unsure where to start?

In preparation for the likely closure of schools, we have created suggestions that are easy to implement at home or in school. These suggestions draw upon PLD the teacher or school having existing knowledge of the PLD process. If you are just beginning on your PLD journey, we have some tips below to help you get started.




PLD’s process for Foundation to Year 6 commences with placement tests which are relatively quick to administer while enabling teachers to design a term of work based specifically upon the capabilities of each student and the range of ability within the class. 

Within the Early Years, the process is slightly different as the skills are taught first and then following the period of instruction, a progress check assessment is presented.

Foundation, Year 1 & 2 Reading Test: Students in Foundation to Year 2 typically require phonic-based decodable reading material. Determining the type and level of the phonic-based reading can be done through the presentation of the below short reading assessments:  

Year 1 to 6: Present the Phonic-Based Spelling Placement Test first. Within Year 1 to 6 the challenge is in establishing the specific levels that the students are operating at so that specific units of work can be assigned to match these levels. The placement test contains templates for the students to write in as well as instructions on how to mark. Download the screen and the associated information HERE.

Once the levels have been identified, then the following texts are useful to devise the home learning program:

  • The Phonic Sight Word Sequence – outlines phonics-based word (or spelling) lists for Foundation to Year 6 students.
  • The Phonic Dictation range will provide phonic-based passages to read and rewrite to facilitate the transference of spelling skills into passages.

It is likely that teachers may be keen to engage in further training. Two hours of your time will enable teachers to get the PLD process up and running. You can obtain a free preview by clicking on the links below, the courses available for Year 1 to Year 6 are listed below:

For Teachers & Schools with existing knowledge and practice of PLD processes, don’t forget to download our updated ‘Whole School Literacy Plan‘.

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