Thanks For The Developing Narrative Skills Program Print

Narrative Skills Programs.We love getting feedback from users of our programs and learning the impact these programs can have in everyday classroom situations. We recently received the following email regarding our Developing Narrative Skills Programs which we have shared with you today.

Dear PLD Learning Resources, In terms of the narrative retelling program and the narrative program in general, I have been using the program since April and am very pleased to let you know that it is a fabulous success. My students are using a wider vocabulary and retelling narratives in sequence. They are also writing in extended sentences and I am continuing using this format orally in my classroom. Please tell Diana I think she is amazing and this series of programs is one of the very best resources I have ever used.

The Developing Narrative Skills Program is comprised of 4 age-based products:

We are thrilled teachers are enjoying running the narrative program and most importantly that within a relatively short period of time students are demonstrating the benefits.

Most definitely if you can lead students through a regular process of learning to orally express themselves with higher levels of sophistication, these traits do transfer to their writing.