Recommended Early Readers for 5 Year Old Children Print

Steve G, a Catholic primary school principal in Western Australia currently using PLD Literacy resources recently contacted us to ask,

What do you recommend as early readers for 5 year olds students, (pre primary in Western Australia)?

It is our pleasure to assist you with a list of quality reading books for your young students who are being introduced to the skill of reading. The readers PLD Literacy favours for this age group would typically use a visually large typeset and present VC and CVC decoding text which are the easiest type of words to read.

VC or Vowel Consonant words are words such as; as in, on, up and at.

CVC or Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words are words such as; hat, big, run, top and sun.

Some examples of reader Series which may work well for your students include:

  1. The box of 1-20 Fitzroy Supplementary Early Readers: 1x-20x Fitzroy
  2. The box of Fitzroy Supplementary Early Readers: 1x-20x Fitzroy
  3. Funny Photo Phonics Set 1 РShort Vowels and Common Sounds. (15 titles in this series.)
  4. The Dandelion Readers: select the low level readers only (available from Dyslexia SPELD)

We also suggest that you download our free Recommended Reading Books for 5 Year Olds, which lists books for developing oral language skills.