Online Seminar: Implementing PLD in Foundation Seminar

Year Level: Foundation
The PRE-PRIMARY school year is an important and complicated year level to teach. Educators require evidence-based knowledge on the targeted teaching of pre-literacy and early literacy development. 

What to teach? When to screen? How to cater for the range in ability?

This full-day online seminar provides educators working within the Foundation year with the knowledge and tools required to explicitly target pre-literacy and early literacy in a systematic fashion. This seminar explains the implementation of PLD’s structured synthetic phonics programs (SSP) within the Foundation year. It outlines PLD’s targeted teaching and the associated tracking and reporting of skill development. The implementation of this preventative program aims to set up young learners for success in their literacy acquisition.

The presentation is recommended for all educators working within Foundation (WA).

The presentation outlines:

  • How children typically read first, spell second and write third.
  • The two core skills that enable a child to decode, the three core skills that facilitate early spelling and the range of skills that facilitate writing.
  • Targeted pre-literacy skill development early in the school year, so that the prerequisites for literacy learning are established.
  • Time-efficient pre-literacy assessments as well as decoding and spelling assessments.
  • The adoption of the PLD’s tracking sheets in order to establish a plan for the upcoming term.
  • How to introduce reading, spelling and writing initially in a supported and early childhood manner.
  • The instruction of high-frequency words and the relevance of decodable reading material.
  • Short speech pathology-derived oral language targeted teaching which facilitates the ability to speak in grammatically correct sentences.

The Foundation school year is an important year of literacy learning. This seminar aims to equip teachers with knowledge and resources that will enable more students to receive a positive start to their schooling and literacy development.


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