Literacy and Learning in Year 1 & 2 (WA) Seminar

Year Level: Year 1 & 2
Researchers consistently report that the returns are greatest when students are first learning to read, spell and write. Year 1 and 2 is critical for long-term literacy success.
What to teach? When to screen? How to cater for the range in ability?

This one day seminar provides the theory, knowledge and screening tools to ensure educators are equipped to maximise the literacy outcomes of Year 1 and 2 students.

It outlines PLD’s structured synthetic phonics (SSP) approach to the development of reading, spelling and writing. Research explains that targeted SSP teaching will produce superior gains and PLD’s SSP approach is identified by AUSPELD as a recommended evidence-based approach.

With a focus on PLD’s evidence-based structured synthetic phonic approach to literacy, educators will be presented with phonic-based targeted teaching experiences for reading, spelling and writing to transition into a more ‘effortless’ process.

Recommended for staff working within Year 1 and 2, this seminar explores:

  • How to implement PLD’s structured synthetic phonics approach in Year 1 and 2.
  • How focused instruction can be delivered to a class with a range in student ability.
  • The teaching of decoding, fluency and the relevance of decodable reading material.
  • Time efficient decoding and spelling assessments designed to identify the range in ability so teachers can be more focused in their instruction.
  • Assessments and instruction for students not reading and spelling.
  • Phonic dictation as a medium to transfer phonic concepts into written work.
  • Techniques to apply for poor (or reluctant) writers.
  • Oral language instruction which facilitates the ability to speak in complex, grammatically correct sentences.
  • Narrative retelling and generation to increase comprehension and written expression ability.


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