Literacy and Learning in Year 1 & 2 (WA)
Literacy and Learning in Year 1 & 2 (WA)
Literacy and Learning in Year 1 & 2 (WA)  
Researchers consistently express the returns are greatest when children are first learning to read.

This seminar explores:

  • How to implement explicit synthetic phonics.
  • How focused instruction can be delivered to a class with a range in student ability.
  • Repeated reading of texts to increase fluency.
  • Phonic dictation as a medium to transfer phonic concepts into written work.
  • Time efficient decoding and spelling assessments designed to identify the range in ability so teachers can be more focused in their instruction.
  • Assessments and instruction techniques for students not reading and spelling.
  • Techniques to apply for poor or reluctant writers.
  • Oral language instruction which facilitates the ability to speak in complex, grammatically correct sentences.
  • Narrative retelling and generation to increase comprehension and written expression ability.
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