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Together the two resources form the basis of a middle and upper primary synthetic phonics spelling programs.

Spelling activities for middle and upper primary

Based on synthetic phonics and linguistic theory

  • Recommended middle and upper primary spelling activities (which are based upon synthetic phonics and linguistic theory).
  • Three levels of each templates aim to cater for the range in ability (i.e. delayed, average and advanced students.)
  • The activity templates are ready to photocopy. A key resource when establishing a spelling program.
  • Assessment points are located at the base of each sheet (for students, a peer or teachers to rate task performance
Phonic & sight word sequence

Outlining the relationship between letters and sounds

  • A structured scope and sequence for primary schools, outlining phonic concepts, reading and spelling words.
  • Stages 1, 2 and 3 primarily outline structured synthetic phonics content along with common bound morpheme suffixes.
  • Stages 4, 5 and 6 are comprised of structured synthetic plus more sophisticated word attack skills such as spelling based upon syllables, prefixes, suffixes and morphemes.
  • Placement tests, term reviews and short investigations when students are slow to progress are included.
  • Guidelines for the explicit teaching of sight words are contained within the Appendix.
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Phonic & sight word sequence

Outlining the relationship between letters and sounds.

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Spelling activities for the middle and upper primary

Synthetic phonics, vocabulary and writing activities.

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