Implementing PLD in the Early Years Seminars

Year Level: Early Years
The PRE-KINDY AND KINDERGARTEN YEARS is a period of huge potential learning. These years are optimised when an ‘early childhood’ approach is balanced with explicit instruction.

What to teach? When to screen? How to cater for the range in ability?

This one day Literacy and Learning seminar for the Early Years outlines how ‘early childhood’ approaches need to be balanced with short targeted explicit instruction sessions.

The Early Years are considered to be one of the most significant periods for the potential development of oral language, motor and pre-literacy skills.

This seminar provides insight into the targeted teaching and the student tracking that is required to improve the literacy and learning outcomes of these young children, and set them up for a successful transition in their schooling. 

Recommended for staff working within Kindergarten (WA), this seminar explores:

  • The evidence-base for pre-literacy skill development for 3 & 4 year olds; phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge and oral language – vocabulary and the ability to speak in grammatically correct sentences.
  • How can these skills be facilitated? Answer: 3-5 minute sessions presented several times in a day.
  • Screening: After 6 weeks of instruction skill acquisition is reviewed by presenting a sub-test on the PLD Early Years Pre-Literacy Screen.
  • The tracking of progress will identify the children who require additional attention and will focus staff on specific needs.
  • Short ‘speech pathology’ derived oral language activities which facilitate the ability to speak in grammatically correct sentences.
  • Researchers consistently advocate for early intervention and preventative programs in the early years.


WA Training Room Full-Day Seminar Dates:




Seminars in Brisbane Through SPELD QLD:

  • Term 1:  Friday 1st March  2024 – Implementing PLD in the Early Years (8am – 2pm AEST)
  • Term 2:  Wednesday 22 May 2024 – Implementing PLD in the Early Years (8am – 2pm AEST)
  • Term 3:  Wednesday 14 August 2024 – Implementing PLD in the Early Years (8am – 2pm AEST)

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Nationwide Online Full-Day Seminar Dates:
Exactly the same as the training room seminar delivered online.

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