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Event Based News Success

Today’s post is the wonderful success story of one of our customers in implementing the Developing News Telling and Narrative Skills Program.

Dear Diana, I just wanted to share a little ‘snippet’ since starting at my new primary school at the start of this term. My absolutely gorgeous IEC pre-primary class just love our event based news sessions at the end of each day.

In 10 minutes the whole class get up and talk in front of everyone else every day. Last week we did it in the When, Where, Who and What order. I hadn’t discussed the pictures on the cards yet but I drew pictures underneath like you suggested as prompts. Today I stuck the cards on the board but changed the order to When, Who, Where and What.

Without me even saying anything the kids started practising to themselves and had noticed the change in order! I’ve been encouraging them to go home and say the sentence to their parents as well, and the last 2 days I’ve had parents come in and saying how great it is to hear their children speaking in English.

Nothing is more thrilling in education than simple procedures, children enjoying the learning, children skills developing and thankfully parents noticing your efforts. 

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