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Thumbs Up For PLD

We love getting such great feedback on the PLD literacy experts development program and its materials. The following testimonial demonstrates how even with poor student entry levels a quality program with quality instruction and delivery can still produce positive outcomes.

We are so thrilled that customers take the time to email us with such feedback and hope it helps inspires others.

Dear Diana, I would like to tell you about the Pre Primary / Kindy class I have been teaching this year – in a tandem – which can be hard – especially when your partner has no experience and has to be instructed as well.

We have a number of SAER children also with poor speech. From day one, having used your strategies at my previous school, I insisted on following your programme, the children have made amazing progress and we have at least half of the PP children reading and spelling CVC words. This is impressive considering that at the beginning of 2011 most didn’t even know a single letter sound. A few are even writing a sentence sounding out their words.

It is interesting to see how much their confidence has improved because they are having success in literacy. Some of our kindy children are now quite competent in most letter sounds, and the syllables and rhyming also helped to set up their language skills.

I just want to thank you again because this programme is so amazing – all planned, set out exactly how to teach it and evaluate it!! I really believe if we are going to lift children’s language skills – these strategies should be mandated in schools.

And as I said before many of these children have no home stimulation – some times I think the only cuddle they get is from us.

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