School Leaders: Building High Performing Primary Schools Seminar (WA)

Year Level: Early Years, Foundation, Year 1 & 2, Years 3 to 6
With the growing focus on measurable progress, it is becoming even more important to have real, useful data to see how classrooms in your school are tracking. But how is it possible to actually get meaningful data regarding how students are performing in your school?

PLD have developed tools that are easy to setup and maintain which provide useful, meaningful insight into student performance in your classrooms. Following the success of rolling out these tools in many classrooms across WA, this info session looks at the importance of meaningful data and how PLD’s resources can provide this in your school. We will also be providing a sneak peek into an upcoming project in this area which we are confident will be of interest.

This event is perfect for Principals, Deputy Principals and Literacy Coordinators.

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