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Implementing PLD in Foundation (Prep) to Year 2

Year Level: Year 1 & 2, Foundation

What to teach? When to screen? How to cater for the range in ability?

PLD provides an Australian, evidence-based approach to Structured Synthetic Phonics (SSP) for primary school educators. Aligned with the Science of Reading, PLD’s SSP approach extends from the junior primary years through to the upper primary years and thereby facilitating a whole school approach. This full-day seminar outlines the explicit instruction of phonics, decoding, and spelling along with time-efficient tracking of student performance that informs the targeted teaching. 

This one-day seminar provides the theory, knowledge, and screening tools to ensure educators are equipped to maximise the literacy outcomes of Preparatory, Year 1, and 2 students.

With a focus on PLD’s evidence-based structured synthetic phonic approach to literacy, educators will be presented with phonic-based targeted teaching experiences for reading, spelling, and writing to transition into a more ‘effortless’ process.

  • Recommended for staff working within the junior primary this seminar explores:
  • How to implement PLD’s structured synthetic phonics approach in Prep, Year 1 and 2.
  • How children typically read first, spell second and write third.
  • The two core skills that enable a child to decode, are the three core skills that facilitate early spelling and the range of skills that facilitate writing.
  • Pre-literacy skill development early in the school year, so that the foundations for literacy are established.
  • A time-efficient pre-literacy assessment to track skill development and readiness for reading and spelling.
  • The teaching of decoding, fluency, and the relevance of decodable reading material.
  • Time-efficient decoding and spelling assessments are designed to identify the range in ability so teachers can be more focused in their instruction.
  • Phonic dictation is a medium to transfer phonic concepts into written work.
  • Techniques to apply for poor (or reluctant) writers.
  • A brief overview of the related real language instruction which facilitates the ability to speak in complex, grammatically correct sentences. This incorporates a focus on Narrative retelling and generation which is designed to increase comprehension and written expression ability.

Each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of PLD’s scope and sequence for Preparatory to Year 6. This is PLD’s best-selling resource ‘Phonic and Sight Word Sequence‘ and is valued at over $70.00. This resource is central to establishing a whole school approach and consistency across year levels and across classrooms. It provides phonic concepts for Reception to Year 6 along with phonemic (and phonological awareness) skills, spelling rules, spelling words, high-frequency words, placement tests, term reviews, guidelines for explicit teaching, and screening options which can then be plotted onto PLD tracking sheets. The Phonic and Sight Word Sequence book can be viewed in full online by clicking on the link and then the cover.

*** This book cannot be transferred to other PLD titles.

View our downloadable 2023/24 seminar flyer* (Queensland) here.

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Created to have a broad appeal, these seminars are relevant to all junior primary school staff involved in literacy learning:  School leaders, Literacy Coordinators, Literacy Support Staff, Prep., Year 1 & 2 teachers, and assistants.


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  • Term 1:  Wednesday 28 February 2024 (Brisbane, through SPELD QLD)
  • Term 2:  Monday 20 May 2024 – (Brisbane, through SPELD QLD)
  • Term 3:  Monday 12 August 2024 – (Brisbane, through SPELD QLD)

In-Person Seminar

For further details, click on the links above.* Additional seminar in Brisbane on 19 June.

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