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How to Prepare PLD Tracking Sheets for Feedback

PLD gets asked to provide support and feedback on tracking sheets regularly. This is a complimentary service that we happily provide to schools implementing PLD, but we do ask that tracking sheets are submitted in the recommended format. PLD receives hundreds of support requests each week and if the tracking sheets aren’t meeting the PLD requirements, we will direct you to the PLD manuals and support videos for reference in the first instance. This blog post addresses how to prepare the PLD Tracking Sheets for feedback.

At a minimum, before requesting support from PLD, please ensure you have:

Step 1: View PLD Tracking Sheets Support Videos on the Website

Step 2: Do the PLD Tracking Sheets Communicate the 3 Targeted Teaching Groups for the Upcoming Term

  • Cluster students together to form three groups: View the videos above and the relevant downloadable screening and tracking manual).
  • Set a learning focus for each group for targeted teaching for the term ahead. Refer to the relevant downloadable teaching sequence manual, as well as our Teacher Tips on our YouTube channel. Go to this article to access the Term 4 Teaching Tips, as well as links to the other term’s tips. These will give targeted learning foci for the typical range in ability.

Step 3: Cross-check the PLD Tracking Sheets Against the Examples in the Screening & Tracking Manuals

Step 4: Submit Your Request for PLD Tracking Sheet Feedback & Support.

  • Request for Feedback on your tracking sheets here

What PLD Tracking Sheets Should Look Like

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