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Screen literacy skills now! Mark, score or place on the PLD tracking sheets later

With school closures nationally appearing imminent, PLD suggests that teachers bring forward the Week 10 screening of Early Years to Year 6 students. Presenting the following screens immediately will determine the levels of development in order to inform units of work within Term 2 (or the period of the school closure).

We recommend that you take 30-60 minutes to screen your students now or within the next 48 hours. However, marking and tracking can be completed at a later date.

Early Years

Present Subtest 1: Syllable Segmentation from the Early Years Pre-Literacy Screen. This screen should take 1 minute per student. The screen is to be presented to the students who scored 0-60% in the Week 6/7 screening of this subtest.


Present Exercise 1 & 2 in the Foundation Pre-Literacy Screen. For pre-reading students continue to track their development of pre-literacy skills through the presentation of the Foundation Pre-Literacy Screen. These screens should take 3 minutes per student.

  • Subtest 1b: Phonemic Awareness Blending
  • Subtest 2: Alphabet Sound Knowledge
  • Subtest 3 Phonemic Segmentation
  • Subtest 4: Alphabet Sound Recall & Formation

Year 1 to 6

For all students, present the Phonic Sight Word Sequence Placement Test End of Term 1 review. From the above test, some students will have been identified as requiring phonic decodable reading material, present the Early Reading Profile Year 1 & 2 to determine the appropriate reading books.

This advice is for teachers and schools. Over the coming days, we will have to recommendations for parents and homeschoolers on how to effectively screen and track your children in a home environment.

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