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PLD’s literacy support assists parents and teachers to maximise the literacy potential in the early education of children. With a philosophy that every child has different abilities, PLD develops quality products to help every child achieve their full capability.

Enlisting the disciplines of Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Education allows PLD to develop a comprehensive and integrated system unlike anything else on the market.

PLD learning resources

Every PLD learning resource is part of the wider Skill Set approach to literacy. Incorporating Oral Language (speaking and listening). Motor and Movement and Decoding and Spelling, PLD is the only organisation to take this approach to literacy-based learning.

All PLD resources employ a practical and highly functional style beneficial to both the student and the adult presenting the resource. Equally valuable in the classroom, home schooling environment, or as supplemental teaching material, educators and parents can be assured each item has been developed to provide an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience.

The quality resources offered by PLD have been developed by a team of passionate and insightful speech pathologists, occupational therapists and educators. Leading the team is Diana Rigg, founder of PLD. Insistent on producing high-quality resources, Diana continues to provide the vision and direction behind the PLD literacy strategy.

In keeping with PLD’s distinct integration of speech pathology, occupational therapy and education, PLD targets the three key areas facilitating academic success:

For detailed definitions of each skill set, visit our Skills Set Approach page.

Important Benefits

  • Each product contains explicit teaching instructions suitable for parents or teachers.
  • Free video demonstrations are available for each resource providing valuable information to assist in purchasing decisions. These videos can also be used as a training video after purchase. View video clips for an example.
  • Recommendations are made throughout the materials to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your investment.
  • You can shop and purchase online.
  • We offer competitive pricing.

PLD has a long history of providing quality educational resources to be used in the traditional classroom and as teaching aids in the home and school. We continue to develop creative and accessible products to help improve childhood literacy.

Diana Rigg – Founder & CEO

Diana Rigg
PLD Founder Diana Rigg

Director and Editor Diana Rigg founded PLD because she recognised a large gap in the time it took for research findings to make it into practice in the classroom.

With a Master’s degree in Education and Speech Pathology, Diana was convinced she could help close that gap, offering assistance to parents, teachers, and school systems looking for help in promoting literacy to the young people in their lives.

With extensive experience as a Classroom Teacher, Specialist Literacy Teacher and Speech Pathologist, Diana understood what was needed.

Drawing on over 15 years as a Professional Educational Consultant, Diana assembled a passionate team of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Designers to help her translate the latest research and best practices from around the world into attractive, easy to use resources for both the home and classroom setting.

Diana is active in both consultancy and publishing. Understanding the challenges of a classroom puts Diana in the perfect positions to deliver quality products aligned with school learning systems. Extensive experience in consultancy allows her to develop products suitable for use in the home either as supplemental lessons or as part of a home schooling curriculum.

In February 2010, Diana was recognised as one of Western Australia’s top “40 under 40” by the WA Business News.

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