Literacy Project in Bhutan

In 2018, PLD’s founder Diana Rigg was offered the opportunity to contribute to the charity Hear Hear for Bhutan led by Emeritus Professor Helen Wildy, former Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Australia. Through Hear Hear for Bhutan, Diana shared PLD’s Structured Synthetic Phonics (SSP) program with the Government of Bhutan.

In the years that followed, SSP classroom resources and workbook activities were devised. Over multiple trips, the Bhutanese Junior Primary teachers were trained in the implementation of PLD, and the Bhutanese curriculum was upgraded by embedding SSP into the termly units of work.

This close collaboration culminated in a memorandum of understanding drawn up between PLD and the Bhutanese government. In March 2020 it was endorsed by the cabinet secretariat, and two months later in May it passed through the parliament to seal it. (See timeline below.)

PLD is proud and privileged to continue the implementation of SSP programs in Buthanese primary schools to this day, with newly updated workbooks recently provided to schools.