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Term 2 Teaching Tips

Are you confident with your Term 2 teaching programs? Do you know exactly what to teach and when to implement it?

In these new 7 to 10 minute videos, Diana guides teachers through the most important areas to focus on during this term and how to deal with the range in abilities in your classroom. She also explains the screening and tracking process and how to ensure your teaching groups are set up correctly.

View the videos below for tailored teaching tips for your year level.

Term 2 Teaching Tips for Early Years Educators

Term 2 Teaching Tips for Foundation Educators

Term 2 Teaching Tips for Year 1 and 2 Educators

Term 2 Teaching Tips for Year 3 to 6 Educators

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If You Need Help With Screening and Tracking

If you need further one-on-one support with your screening and tracking, you can organise a meeting with our School Support Coordinator via Calendly.

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