Literacy and Learning in Pre-Primary (WA)
The PRE-PRIMARY school year is a complicated year level to teach. Students can achieve within this crucial year, if educators are knowledgeable about how children acquire early literacy skills.

This seminar explores:

  • How children typically read first, spell second and write third.
  • The two core skills that enable a child to decode, the three core skills that facilitate early spelling and the range of skills that facilitate writing.
  • Pre-literacy skill development early in the school year, so that the foundations for literacy are established.
  • A time efficient pre-literacy assessment to track skill development and readiness for reading and spelling.
  • How to introduce reading, spelling and writing in an early childhood manner so that early literacy learning is enjoyable.
  • Time efficient decoding and spelling assessments.
  • Short ‘speech pathology’ derived oral language activities which facilitate the ability to speak in grammatically correct sentences.
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