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Recommended Questions Teachers Should Ask at Parent Interviews

Parent Teacher Questions in Early Years. A PLD customer asks:

We are going to have Parent/Teacher interviews soon as we want to “share” and “source” as much information with parents as possible as early as possible. I believe that there are questions early childhood teachers should ask parents about the child’s development since birth. Can you please be of assistance.

This is a great commonly asked question. I try keep the questions to a minimum, as typically a few focused questions can quickly reveal if there is a strong likelihood of potential literacy developmental issues occurring.

Here are my three suggested questions:

  1. Questions relating to the status of the child’s ear health: Did the child have ear infections? Ask also was the child was ever referred to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist and if they ever had grommets inserted?
  2. Questions relating to a potential genetic predisposition: Have any family members (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, parents) had speech, language and literacy problems?
  3. Questions relating to the status of their speech and language skills: Was the child a later talker? (by 2 years children should be saying 50 words and 2-3 word sentences.) Did the child ever see a speech pathologist in the private or public system? Is the child a talkative child now, or do family members speak for the child? With unfamiliar people does the child appear shy?

I hope this information helps!

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