Phonic flash cards – Stage 1-4 (Subscription)

Year Level: Year 1 & 2, Foundation, Years 3 to 6
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Strengthening the relationship between letters and sounds

Flash cards are a powerful instructional tool, not only are they an effective way to present, practise, consolidate and revise concepts at a whole class, small group or individual student level, but they also cater for the range of ability that presents in any class. Within Phonic flash cards, a wide selection of phonic concepts have been included making it a practical and handy resource.

For many classes, a proportion of students will present with advanced skills, a proportion will present with average or age-appropriate skills and a proportion will present with delayed skills. The students of greatest concern will be the students operating below the level of their peers. It is this group that will also require the greatest levels of on-going revision and consolidation. With this in mind, PLD have created Phonic Flash cards. One side of the flash cards are coloured and provide students with picture prompts. The other side lists the phonic concept without any supports. The resource also includes phonic concepts for the alphabet in stages 1-4.

How can Phonic flash cards be used in the classroom?

  1. The traditional application, card flipping: The phonic concepts that have been covered in spelling lists can then be easily revised by collecting the associated phonic flash cards, hole punching the corners and placing them onto a metal ring. The specifically selected set of cards can be presented in an organised and time efficient manner.
  2. Mount the flash cards on the wall for display: The display of the cards on a classroom wall creates an attractive wall frieze and thereby a phonic reference point for the students to source when engaged in written tasks.
  3. Incorporate the flash cards into games: As a supplement to phonic-based spelling lists the flash cards can be incorporated into activities. This will help students be more curious and engaged in the task and thereby more likely to remember the concepts represented on the cards.

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